Oil Wash      (And Organic Hemp Blend Washcloth)

Oil Wash (And Organic Hemp Blend Washcloth)


An organic hemp infused oil cleanser to repair and strengthen your skin’s natural defenses.



Massage Oil Wash into skin for a minute or two in circular upward movements while breathing deeply. Warm your cloth and rinse. Pat dry. Finish with your favorite facial serum. (Highly suggest the Hemp & Tea Tree Facial Serum)


COMES WITH A COMPLIMENTARY HAND STITCHED ORGANIC HEMP & COTTON BLEND WASHCLOTH (Washcloths available for purchase seperately as well.)


With cleansing and Ayurvedic sesame oil, rosehip oil, and hemp infused light oils, and a dash of rosemary essential oil this mild cleanser is for all skin types.


Ingredients: *ayurvedic sesame oil, *hemp infused grapeseed and avocado oil blend, *argan oil, *rosehip oil, *rosemary essential oil, rose petals* *organic