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Hemp & Tea Tree Facial Serum

Hemp & Tea Tree Facial Serum


Calming, healing, and simple for light, clear and refreshed skin.



“I love the facial serum and after discovering it, I will never go back to any other serum. My skin tends to run slightly dry so I’m able to wear a light coat in the morning before starting my day and it absorbs so well and gives my skin a youthful glow. I apply a more liberal amount at nighttime. I feel like my skin looks more energized and glows since I started using this product. I love it!”

-Tiffany S, 38


Available in Rosemary or Lavender.


ROSEMARY FOR: redness, puffiness, (great for a beard oil as well) (Currently out of stock)


LAVENDER FOR: calming, clearing, anti-aging Formulated for daily light moisture.


With Australian tea tree, calming whole flower organic CBD, and light organic cold pressed dry oils and organic Bulgarian lavender essential oils


With:Vermont-grown organic hemp infused into organic cold-pressed grapeseed, argan and avocado oils, Australian tea tree and pure essential oils, grapefruit seed extract