SEVA is a Sanskrit word that many people have come to know as meaning "selfless service."  Or--- an act of compassion and care for others above oneself. At Pepper Lee, Seva is a part of the way we do business.  Setting aside 1% of every sale for a local community charity or non-profit is a big part of what makes doing business pleasurable. We will update you when we highlight different Vermont charities and let you know what great works our neighbors are doing.  Stay tuned!

*To offset the cost of our work in SEVA, we recycle shipping materials and encourage our patrons to do the same.


I thank you for ordering from my humble one-woman operation!  I make everything from scratch, by hand with peaceful wishes and humility.  It is an honor for me to sell these products to you and send them off with love and healing intentions.  I send my packages by USPS Priority. IF YOU ARE LOCAL, I offer free pick up within Chittenden County at the Brick Studio in Burlington located at the entrance of the beautiful Intervale.  Please choose that option at checkout and I will happily bring your order to that space on Sundays 11-3.


As a small business I will have to charge for shipping and handling almost always.  I hope the affordability of my products speaks to the fact that I have thoughtfully calculated shipping as an expense to my customers. 


If you are unhappy with your purchase, or if it arrives damaged, I will happily return or exchange any product within 15 days after it has arrived.  Please return the unused portion and--if you would--explain the reason for your return (if it is not a damage- related return) so that I may take your thoughts on my products into consideration.

Thank you,