CBD Calm Balm

CBD Calm Balm


Made with beneficial rosemary, witch hazel, tea tree, balsam fir and clearing eucalyptus essential oils blended with creamy mango and Shea butter and hemp infused coconut oil.

A soothing, hydrating, clearing solution for any type of skin. Great as an aftershave, beard balm and works wonders on maskne.

Use as a daily moisturizer, aftershave or nightly balm. Works especially well to help restore skin after extractions.

WORD OF MOUTH:“I have some issues with acne and perioral dermatitis (similar to rosacea). I initially bought this product to combat razor bumps, and it worked so well I have found it to be a calming cure for all kinds of inflammation! ...After a particularly shameful session of pimple-popping and seeing how horribly red I made my face, I decided to use this balm as a night mask (witch hazel and tea tree are powerful against bacteria!) I couldn’t believe how soothed my face was in the morning! Even the skin around my eyes was plumped up and supple, and the biggest yuckiest pimples were greatly diminished in size. I’ve even been putting it on my dry knuckles and it is perfect for that too. It is now my go-to for traveling because it can do it all and wont spill in my bag. Highly recommend this powerful and soothing balm!” -Juliana F, 32 private jet cabin attendant Ingredients: organic Vermont-grown hemp infused organic virgin coconut oil, organic beeswax, cosmetic grade mango butter and shea butter, organic argan oil, witch hazel, organic flaxseed oil, pure essential oils of rosemary, tea tree, and balsam fir, GSE of

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