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Handmade CBD Care Products Made With Love


Winooski, Vermont

I used Peper Lee CBD Muscle Rub for the first time last night and it was amazing, I put it on my hips, knees, back and hands at 9pm and slept till 4am. I am 72 yrs and have trouble walking, I have arthritis all over and finally got some relief, thanks to Pepper Lee. I have used other CBD balms and this has been the best and a good price.

-Carole Deeter  72, Retired

Hi. My name is Marcia Agripino and I am a professional boxer. I recently started using PepperLee muscle rub and it’s a huge part of  the many things I use for recovery. Due to the stress I put my body through it’s almost impossible to go a day without it. The products are natural and it doesn’t  have that  burn or itch to my skin . I’m able to use several times a day if needed , but have found that twice a day is plenty for me. I have suggested to several of my own clients to try CBD products as well! Love this and the person behind the product! 

- Marcia Agripino 37, Professional Boxer

I had dabbled with CBD here and there before trying Pepperlee.  Something about the mystic of the plant paired with Allyson’s honest and humble nature intrigued me and I decided to test out some products. 


My favorite is the beeswax holy basil coconut oil salve (muscle rub).  This winter has done a number on my skin.  From dryness, to hormonal acne - I had tried a plethora of products before discovering the benefits of CBD.  At first, it seemed counterintuitive to rub an oil based product on troubled skin - but this is where I learned how wonderful Allyson’s products are.  The salve helped calm my problem areas and bring moisture to the areas that needed it.  It even helped heal some scars that I had felt were permanent.  I like using it under my eyes and as a base to apply makeup that leaves my skin feeling glowy.


Allyson’s sincere  and genuine approach to these products is just a part of the reason I love her (+her CBD) so much.  The quality of ingredients and care that goes into the process does not go unnoticed.  Allyson wants these products to be accessible to all, and for people to feel their best.  


Not only do these products live up to the hype, they helped remind me on a deeper level that sometimes the solution to our problems requires less harshness and more curiosity and gentleness.  

- Gina Cianci 27, Server

 I have been using Pepper Lee’s CBD products for a few months now and it has truly changed my life. I have nerve pain that sometimes affects my ability to work and the CBD salve is the only treatment that works for me without causing impairment. The salve relieves pain immediately and even lasts through a closing bar shift!  The bath bombs are a super luxurious way to relieve pain and relax. They provide full body pain relieve and make my skin so soft! I have used other CBD brands in the past, and Pepper Lee’s quality and affordability are impossible to beat.

- Leslie Reed 29, Bartender

I was lucky to get to sample Allyson’s awesome CBD everywhere and face oil for a couple of weeks. I used it before bed on my face and in the morning on my face and in my hair. It noticed a difference right away in how healthy and moisturized my skin was. It had a calming effect on my sensitive skin and gave my hair shine and volume. I’m a pretty low-maintenance gal and really love a product that does so much for both my hair and my skin. Thank you, Allyson!!


- Abby Olmstead, 39 Clothing Designer/ Entrepeneur & mother of 3 


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