Calming Chamomile, Intoxicating Jasmine Green, Soulful Organic activated Hemp, Life Elixir Lemon Balm, Beneficial Red Clover, Immune-enhancing Echinacea all blend perfectly into the Soul Flower Sipping Tea!


Each jar contains 6-8 servings depending on how strong you like your tea.




“I just wanted to let you know that the tea is so good...I had some of your tea before hopefully taking a nap yesterday and slept for about 2 hours. Same this morning... Thank you again for another amazing, calming and delicious product! You are the best! ❤️” -Marjule S.


Enjoy Iced or Hot


Made with decarbed organic hemp. 21 plus orders only. Hemp from Organic family farm -NEK Hemp Flowers from Organic farm -Foster Farm Botanicals

Soul Flower Sipping Tea 4 oz