RITUAL: A collaboration with Laura Neal of Malas and Mandalas

RITUAL: A collaboration with Laura Neal of Malas and Mandalas


A simple and present act of love.

A ritual-inspiring set to keep in your pocket as a reminder of your love and depth.

RITUAL set includes your choice of handmade pocket mala, CBD lavender Relief Roller, and your choice of either Goddess Smoke or Soul Flower Sipping Tea.

A pocket mala is a miniature version of a mala bead necklace. It is a piece of jewelry that can be used in meditation. Traditionally, Malas have 108 beads because mantras are meant to be recited 108 times. This pocket mala has 27 beads and can be used 4 times in a row.

A mantra is a word or phrase repeated intentionally to bring about desired energy into your life.

Each RITUAL set contains a unique mantra card made by Laura Neal of Malas and Mandalas.

Laura Neal created Malas and Mandalas in 2017 after traveling to Rishikesh, India for a yoga teacher training.  

She was inspired by the beauty of Indian culture and rituals, and wanted to bring that essence back home with her to share with others.  

In an ever-evolving and technical world, she hopes that people will take a moment to pause, reflect and check in with themselves when they choose to wear her jewelry.  

She carefully chooses the gemstones that transfer their energetic properties to the wearer for each piece.  She includes information about the chosen gemstones, so that people have an opportunity to asses what they want to bring into their lives, as well as what they’d like to let go of.  

Her goal is to use her brand and business as an outlet to share the benefits of mindfulness and meditation with others.  Her jewelry are tools for helping people lead more peaceful and fulfilled lives by helping them get in touch with their true nature, which can sometimes get shadowed over by the hustle and bustle of life.