A gift of Sacred Ritual.


Locals to the Winooski/Burlington area only for now, as supplies are limited. 


A collaboration between Allyson and artist Maisie Wormser:

One double wick unscented handpoured beeswax and coconut wax candle in a beautiful handmade reusable dishwasher and microwave safe porcelain bowl


One Lavender Relief Roller


One Pepper Lee Calm Balm


One Satchet Soul Flower Sipping Tea


One Handmade bookmark by Allyson's daughter, Scarlet.  These bookmarks helped to name each package.

This package is meant to be bought with purpose and intention of creating sacred moments of reflection and introspection to spark joyful love...either for yourself or a loved one. 



Light Returning Gift Set (a collaboration with Maisie Wormser)